Former police officer allegedly stole dead woman's credit cards
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A former California police officer has been indicted for allegedly stealing a dead woman’s credit cards, prosecutors said.

A grand jury in Orange County, Calif., indicted former Orange County Sheriff’s deputy Steve Hortz for stealing the credit cards of a woman he found dead in her home, the Orange County District Attorney’s office said in a statement.

According to the statement, Hortz had already been indicted after being captured on video making multiple visits to a dead man’s home to steal more than $27,000 in guns and other items.


Hortz was arrested in September 2020 and resigned later that month. He was indicted in December on a total of five felony charges for breaking into the man’s home.

A month before that arrest, Hortz was called to the home of the dead woman. He is accused of taking three credit cards and attempting to make thousands of dollars in purchases from QVC and an automotive parts store, the statement said.

Hortz was charged with one felony count of identity theft, one felony count of grand theft embezzlement, and four felony counts of attempted grand theft on Friday. He faces up to four years and four months in prison if he is convicted.

In an email to The Associated Press, Hortz’s attorney Shaheen Manshoory said prosecutors haven’t shared much information in the case.

 “At this time, we will let the process play out in court,” Manshoory told the news outlet.