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Man gets probation for posting FBI gang chart on social media

A Detroit man received probation on Tuesday after posting an FBI gang chart on social media. 

Anthony Cassani posted the chart with gang members on his Snapchat in 2020 after cleaning an FBI office to reduce the risk of the coronavirus, The Associated Press reported

"You're not living your life on some kind of reality show. What you do in real life has real consequences," U.S. District Judge Linda Parker said during the hearing, adding his actions could have caused a "bloodbath."

Assistant U.S. Attorney Eaton Brown said he was "thankful" nothing went "horribly wrong" due to Cassani's actions, such as the targets of search warrants knowing agents were going to come to their doors. 

"I fully realize that what I did was not simply theft of government property," Cassani said to the judge at the hearing after pleading guilty to a misdemeanor, according to the AP.

The judge turned down a request for Cassani to go to jail for three months, saying she believed he did not need jail time to learn his lesson.

He was ordered to undergo 60 hours of community service and to go to counseling for his impulsive behavior. 

"Mr. Cassani is like a lot of young men who react impulsively and immaturely. ... It's unlawful, it's wrong," defense attorney Mark Gatesman stated.