From the Boston Globe:

As a number of Democrats mull whether to enter the race for the state's first vacant seat in the US Senate in 25 years, the Republican party's first candidate has stepped forward.

Canton Selectman Bob Burr announced today he will enter the race to succeed Edward M. Kennedy. Burr, a 43-year-old serving in his sixth year on the Board of Selectmen, said his local experience will help him "represent the interests of the average American citizen." In a news statement announcing his candidacy, he said his campaign will focus on his record of public service, his support for small businesses, and his "belief that American individuality and ingenuity are essential for future creativity, productivity and human compassion."

Burr's entry comes as Joe Kennedy bowed out on the Democratic side and former Lt. Gov. Kerry Healey opted not to run for Republicans. State Sen. Scott Brown could soon join Burr on the GOP side, and the Democrats should form their field in the coming days now with Kennedy out.

State Attorney General Martha Coakley is the only major Democrat currently running.