Trump national security adviser Robert O'Brien launches consulting firm
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Former national security adviser Robert O’Brien and other ex-Trump officials have launched a consulting firm that will assist companies with matters involving geopolitics, American government and crisis management.

The firm, American Global Strategies (AGS), was founded by O’Brien and former Trump National Security Council (NSC) chief of staff Alex Gray. 

The group’s website describes the firm as a “boutique strategy advisory firm” that identifies risks, seizes opportunities and maximizes value for its clients.


“Whether it is assessing the global geopolitical environment, devising strategies for navigating United States Government processes and policies, assisting on international business deals or managing crisis situations at home, AGS delivers unparalleled expertise for our clients in the defense, aerospace, maritime, technology, finance and private equity sectors,” the website states.

Greg Smith, a former White House deputy political director and the group’s vice president, said the firm is looking to team up with businesses that want to function overseas, including in Asia, Europe, Israel and other Middle East countries, according to Bloomberg.

The group declined to disclose its clients when asked by Bloomberg and said it was not making any lobbying efforts. It said that because of the nature of its work, it will not have to register under the Foreign Agents Registration Act.

The firm did, however, say it has worked with executives in the technology, defense, private equity, maritime and manufacturing sectors, including two Fortune 100 companies, according to Bloomberg.

Brian Cavanaugh, the former senior director for resilience policy at the NSC; Adrielle Churchill Wiese, former NSC senior legislative affairs director; and Allison Hooker, former senior director for Asia at the NSC, also joined the firm, according to Bloomberg.

O’Brien in November dismissed rumors that he may be waging a 2024 bid for the White House, calling a report from Politico that he was plotting a campaign “speculation.”

He said the report was “what I call Washington inside-the-Beltway article.”

“So I’m fully focused on my current job. I’m not running for anything right now,” he added.

O’Brien, during his tenure as national security adviser from September 2019 until Trump left office, advocated for more money to be allocated for shipbuilding in the budget and strengthening the Navy fleet by roughly 55 traditional warships, according to Bloomberg.