At least one progressive is satisfied with President Barack Obama's address Wednesday night: Steve Hildebrand, President Barack Obama's former deputy campaign manager.

"I think tonight was a game changer for the health reform debate," Hildebrand told MSNBC's Keith Olbermann. "He explained in very clear terms what he stands for, what he believes in..."

Hildebrand has recently emerged as a vocal -- yet perhaps well-intentioned -- critic of Obama's handling of health care and other domestic issues. On Tuesday, he even said in an interview that the president "[needed] to be more bold in his leadership.”

But Hildebrand's reaction to Obama's address Wednesday night perhaps suggests the president has won over some progressives, who have increasingly signaled their dissatisfaction with the administration.

"I never had any doubt in my mind, Keith, that this president is squarely on the side of the American people, and not in bed with the special interests, as too many politicians are," Hildebrand said. But, the campaign adviser added, "He just has to fight hard to make sure [reform] happens."