Rep. Joe Wilson (R-S.C.) -- made famous for his "You lie!" outburst -- now trails Democratic challenger Rob Miller by one point, a new poll finds.

Wilson easily defeated Miller by eight points in 2008, but the incumbent is now polling 43 percent to Miller's 44 percent, according to Public Policy Polling (PPP). The sudden shift in local popularity is likely the consequence of Wilson's remark on Wednesday night: More than 60 percent of surveyed voters in his district said they disapproved of the congressman's actions.

“In a matter of seconds Joe Wilson turned himself from a safe incumbent into one of the most vulnerable Republicans in the country for 2010,” said Dean Debnam, president of PPP.

Despite Friday's numbers, Wilson has raised upwards of $200,000 since the incident, thanks in part to his recent media blitz. But the incumbent's spoils pale in comparison to the more than $700,000 that Miller has raised as a result of Wilson's conduct.