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Michael Cohen to sell prison badge as NFT

Michael Cohen plans to list his former prison badge as a nonfungible token (NFT) during the upcoming Miami Art Week, Page Six reported.

Cohen, the onetime personal attorney of former President Trump, has partnered with ArtGrails to sell mementos from his prison time as NFTs.

Among the offerings are a handwritten manuscript of his memoir, "Disloyal," a video of Cohen penning pages from the book while in New York's Otisville federal prison and his prison badge. The video was recorded before Cohen was granted early release to finish his sentence in home confinement in May 2020 because of COVID-19 concerns.

Cohen was officially released from prison late last month.

The first few NFTs from Cohen's collection will be available for purchase starting Dec. 3, and his prison ID badge NFT will go live Dec. 12, Page Six noted.

"Most political figures have shied away from NFTs so far - but you will see it becoming more pervasive with politics," ArtGrails founder Avery Andon told the outlet.

Cohen called the sales of his NFTs a merging of "art, technology and politics all into one."

He added, "The goal is to create a political NFT scenario that is obviously historically relevant."

Cohen pleaded guilty to nine federal crimes before his prison sentence that included tax fraud, lying to Congress and paying off women to silence their claims against Trump. He is now working on a second book about his dealings with Trump.

"I look forward to rebuilding my life, one day, one client at a time," Cohen told Bloomberg in a recent interview. "This time I'm going to be more selective about who I work with."