Kansas City Jewish community center vandalized during Hanukkah

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A Kansas City Jewish community center was vandalized during Hanukkah on Tuesday. 

“There is nothing more disturbing than walking into the Chabad house for an early morning Torah class and finding the place torn up,” Rabbi Yitzchak Itkin said in a Facebook post, The Associated Press reported. “That was my reality this week.”

The rabbi said the vandals caused water damage, destroyed electric wires, and threw around books and papers.

Kansas City police arrived at the center after receiving reports of glass breaking and a black SUV outside the building.

Police later found a similar vehicle, but it sped away when officers attempted to stop it. 

Religious texts in the building were not damaged, the rabbi said, and the center is attempting to raise money to repair the damage. 

A search for a temporary new building for the group is underway as Jewish people around the world celebrate Hanukkah. 

The Hill has reached out to Kansas City police for further comment. 

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