Slightly more Americans believe Republicans in Congress are better equipped to handle healthcare reform and steer the economy out of recession, a new poll finds.

The Washington Post-ABC News' latest numbers, released Monday morning, also suggests voters are growing frustrated with the president and both political parties, increasingly trusting neither to handle those signature issues effectively.

On healthcare, Obama's trust rating stands at about 48 percent, a modest drop of four points since July. Republicans, however, gained about two points of support in that time period, while more than one in 10 said neither was equipped to handle the reform process.

That slight shift is also evident in poll's look at the parties' ability to manage the economy. In that measure, Obama lost nearly 8 points' worth of support, dropping from 58 percent to a still-comfortable 46 percent. The GOP, meanwhile, gained four points, from 33 percent to 34 percent, while the ranks of the "neither" group swelled by about three points.

But most concerning for both sets of lawmakers: 19 percent said they felt neither Democrats nor Republicans were best equipped to handle the "main problems" soon to confront the country -- an increase of about 10 points since February. Tellingly, a number of those newly unsure voters seem to be Democrats, who lost about 8 points' worth of voter approval in the poll's measure of party sipport.