Nike filed a lawsuit against Lululemon on Wednesday accusing the apparel company of patent infringement for its Mirror gym, an at-home fitness device, in addition to other applications.

Lululemon announced in June 2020 that it was purchasing Mirror, an in-home fitness company, according to CNBC. The acquisition, which reportedly totaled more than $500 million, came at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, when the demand for at-home fitness products surged.

Mirror’s flagship product is a wall-mounted mirror device that allows customers to participate in live fitness classes and offers on-demand workouts and personal training sessions, according to CNBC.


Now, however, Nike is accusing Mirror of violating its patents.

“In the context of this lawsuit, Nike owns a robust portfolio of patents directed to its digital sport innovations for use in or with fitness equipment and apps, and especially for its features that drive athletes to continuously engage with a like-minded community of athletes dedicated to improving fitness and wellness,” the lawsuit, posted online by Front Office Sports reporter Anthony Perez, reads.

“Lululemon is infringing several of those patents by making and selling The Mirror Home Gym and accompanying mobile applications,” the lawsuit adds.

Nike wrote that it “began creating digital sport innovations at least as early as 1983 when it invented and filed a patent application on a device for determining a runner’s speed, distance traversed, elapsed time, and calories expanded” and later “built on those early efforts and evolved its digital sport offerings over the years” to include a number of applications and products.

The company pointed to its Nike+ iPod system, the Nike+ SportWatch, Nike+ FuelBand, the Nike+ Kinect product and the Nike+ Running App, among others.

Nike advised Lululemon on Nov. 3 that it believed the apparel company was infringing on its patents, but Lululemon dismissed the accusations, according to CNBC.

A spokesperson for Lululemon said, “The patents in question are overly broad and invalid. We are confident in our position and look forward to defending it in court.”

Lululemon is also embroiled in a legal headache with Peloton.

Peloton sued Lululemon in November, urging a court to declare that its sportswear does not violate Lululemon’s patent designs. Peloton argued that the brands for the two companies are "distinctive and well-recognized, making confusion between products a virtual impossibility."

Peloton also said there are "numerous clear and obvious differences in design."

Days later, however, Lululemon sued Peloton for what it referred to as “copycat products” in the company’s new clothing line.