Authorities this week arrested two men in Atlanta, accusing them of stealing the skis of a U.S. national team athlete and Olympic hopeful.

Last month, skis costing $1,600 and some other valuables belonging to Dani Loeb were stolen from her mother's car, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported. Apart from her skis, her U.S. Ski Team bags, uniform and helmet were also stolen.

On the day of the Dec. 15 incident, Loeb posted a photo on Instagram with the caption: "Ready to go back ... hasn’t even been an hour in Atlanta and my bags have already been stolen.”


The theft of her specially made skis threatened Loeb's Olympic dreams, as they gave her the best chance of qualifying for the Winter Games.

Kelvin Lanier Evans and Andre Jermaine Pitts were both arrested and charged on Tuesday for criminal trespass and entering an automobile with intent to commit theft or felony, according to the Journal-Constitution.

As the newspaper reported, Evans and Pitts were identified through surveillance camera footage that showed them looking into vehicles on the street that Loeb's mother had parked.

Loeb is currently waiting to hear if her skis have been recovered.

“I’m just really shocked and I’m really thankful for everyone in Atlanta who has tried to help me,” Loeb told local ABC affiliate WSB-TV.