Bill Clinton may be getting nervous about the soon-to-be published book detailing his secret conversations with historian Taylor Branch.

Clinton invited Branch, a personal friend, into the Oval Office to record extensive interviews during his two terms in office, eager to leave an appropriate record for posterity.

But in a lengthy piece previewing the revelations Branch plans to publish, USA Today reports that Clinton himself is "running hot and cold."

"The former president has been on the phone with Branch for hours since he got page proofs of Branch's new book," Susan Page reports. Clinton is "running 'hot and cold' about the account based on Branch's recollections of their conversations."

Part of the problem may be that Clinton owns the only actual recordings of their conversations, which the two held in secret to fend off demands for disclosure. Branch has been working with tapes he transcribed after each interview session, detail what he remembered from the conversation.

Read the whole USA Today piece for details about the Lewinsky scandal ("I just cracked," Clinton says) and a heated conversation the President had with Al Gore just afer the VP lost the 2000 election.