Former GOP House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (Tex.) gave an unexpectedly racy dance performance during his debut appearance on ABC's Dancing With the Stars.

Opening with B-Roll footage of DeLay cracking a bull whip and leaping into the air, the pre-taped practice dancing sessions showed DeLay in high waisted pants and heeled shoes, telling cameras that he looked forward to getting in touch with his "feminine side."

"I know that if I want to do well in the Cha-Cha, I'm going to have to vote with the Republicans and party with the Democrats," he said.

On stage, DeLay's Cha-Cha, danced to the classic rock tune "Wild Thing" opened with a provocative solo rear shake by the former congressman, followed by a full-stage knee slide. He and his dance partner then broke into a respectable Cha-Cha down the stage, complete with a wink from DeLay for the judges, before finishing with a flourish.

Despite the judges' obvious surprise at DeLay's wild moves, they were less responsive to the pair than was the audience, which gave DeLay whooping cheers. He received two 5's and a 6 out of a possible 10 from each judge. The marks were still good enough for the ex-congressman to move on in the competition in the top third of contestants.

As one judge said to DeLay after the contest, "you're even crazier than Sarah Palin!"