U.S. citizens should stay informed to stave off an "onslaught of oppression" threatened by Democratic priorities on healthcare and climate change, one Republican lawmaker said Tuesday.

Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-Calif.) said that debates on health and global warming has "awakened the giant" in the U.S. to turn against the two top Democratic priorities. He said that the public needs to be educated on the priorities, to fight them off.

"Let's keep the American people informed, and we can make sure we can keep the patriots informed to fight the onslaught of oppression," he said.

Of the two issues, Rohrabacher saved the toughest words for cap and trade legislation, which he called a "fraud" and "scheme" based on propaganda that threaten American sovereignty.

Rohrabacher told a conservative news radio program:

That's [the health debate] awakened the giant, and now that they're awake and listening, we're telling them what cap and trade is all about -- which is of course part of an entire scheme to -- all of these things are power grabs. In terms of cap and trade, that's going to be another catastrophic rise in taxes and controls and regulations that will end up mandated by international agreements. Then our sovereignty will be at the beck and call of these international panels on climate control -- give me a freakin' break. And that's of course for those of us like myself that realize the whole thing's a fraud. There hasn't been any global warming for nine years, and the scientific basis for what they're saying is bogus. But they've had so much propaganda, they're scaring the American people, just like healthcare.