The Boston papers report a ruling on the Massachusetts GOP's request for an injunction against Gov. Deval Patrick's (D) appointment of Paul Kirk to the Senate is due by noon.

Kirk is set to be sworn in at 3:15 p.m.

From the Globe:

A Suffolk Superior Court judge has promised to decide before noon today whether to grant a request by the state Republican Party to block the appointment of Democrat Paul G. Kirk Jr. as interim US senator.

Judge Thomas Connolly took the request for an injunction under advisement after listening to an argument by the state GOP, which contends that Democratic Governor Deval Patrick overstepped his authority by declaring an emergency so Kirk's appointment could be made immediately.

"It's a rogue governor trying to skirt the will of the Legislature and the will of the people," said Jennifer A. Nassour, chairwoman of the state GOP, at a press conference after the hearing. Nassour added: "The governor has over stepped his constitutional boundaries, and we're hoping that the judge rules in our favor."

Assistant Attorney General Peter Sacks countered that Patrick was well within his authority to make the appointment effective immediately. Kirk is carrying his official nomination papers today to Washington, where he is scheduled to be sworn in by Vice President Joe Biden this afternoon.

UPDATE: This is interesting. Apparently the timeline has been moved back to sometime "this afternoon," according to the Globe. It offers no explanation for the new timeline, though it seems unlikely it was misreported initially, because the Boston Herald reported the same thing at the time.

Remember, the swearing-in is set for 3:15, so unless the injunction ruling comes down by then, we could have issues.