Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin's (R) 400-page memoir will hit shelves in November -- about a full season ahead of schedule.

The book -- "Going Rogue: An American Life" -- was originally due out this spring, the Associated Press reported on Monday. But Palin unexpectedly finished her memoir only four months after pitching it, so the firm has moved up that release date to Nov. 17.

According to the AP, the publishing company has ordered 1.5 million copies of the book's first edition -- the same amount the late-Sen. Edward Kennedy's (D-Mass.) publisher requested of the "Liberal Lion's" now-popular memoir, released shortly after his death.

It is unclear how much of an advance Palin received for her much-anticipated tell-all.

"There have been so many things written and said through mainstream media that have not been accurate, and it will be nice through an unfiltered forum to get to speak truthfully about who we are and what we stand for and what Alaska is all about," Palin said in an interview with the local Anchorage Daily News, upon announcing the book in May.

"The idea is to focus on the content of the book and what's coming in terms of me being able to tell my story unrestrained and unfiltered," she added.