Rudy Giuliani continues to bat down the Senate rumors.

Newly installed New York GOP Chairman Ed Cox now says he would prefer Giuliani run for Senate rather than governor, and he's going public with the plea.

Giuliani isn't hearing it, with his advisers saying he is only looking at running for governor.

But maybe he should hear Cox out.

Sure, Giuliani has an executive personality, but if he wants a launching pad to the White House, the Senate looks to be a better option.

The White House's recent actions show that Democrats will do what they need to do to get state Attorney General Andrew Cuomo to be their nominee over Gov. David Paterson (D), and that would be a nearly impossible mountain to climb for any Republican.

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) meanwhile, trailed Giuliani 51-40 in a recent Marist poll.

Giuliani doesn't want to encourage the Senate talk, because he wants to keep the pressure on Democrats in his preferred race. But if Cuomo becomes the nominee, maybe Giuliani will start looking for other opportunities. And if it's a good Republican year, a Senate run could do him a lot of good.