Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairman Michael Steele took a shot at the American Medical Association (AMA) on Monday, saying the organization doesn't have "credibility" on healthcare reform.

"The AMA is — does not have the credibility on this healthcare issue, as they would like to project," Steele said on "Fox and Friends" Monday morning.

Steele was trying to downplay the significance of the AMA's support for the House healthcare bill(s), but the timing of the chairman's remarks was a little awkward. The RNC held a conference call this morning touting the support of former AMA President Donald Palmisano.

Steele's comments also hint at a strange twist in the healthcare debate. The AMA has traditionally opposed major healthcare reform, and has been an ally of Republicans on issues like tort reform.

The association came out in opposition to a public option earlier this summer, though it still supports the bulk of Democratic-sponsored reform.