Receiving the Nobel peace prize should motivate President Obama to get tougher on climate change, the environmental activist group Greenpeace said today.

The Nobel committee specifically cited Obama's committed to fighting global warming as a reason for the award, and the president himself pledged this morning to keep working on the issue.

But Greenpeace says Obama has not yet done nearly enough.

"We hope that the award of the Nobel Peace prize to President Barack Obama will give him the courage of his convictions on climate change," said Gerd Leipold, Greenpeace International Executive Director. "If allowed to go unchecked, climate change will wreak havoc on our societies - spurring mass migration, mass starvation and mass extinction. It will spark conflicts worldwide."

Unlike several other environmental organizations, Greenpeace voiceferously opposed the major climate bill passed by the House this summer, accusing Democrats of watering down the legislation to please corporate interests.

The group is also urging the U.S. to embrace bold action when nations gather in Copenhagen this winter for a climate change summit. Leipold said the U.S. has so far been obstructing international negotiations.

"If President Obama is to be a true Nobel Peace Laureate he must reverse the United States current blocking role in the climate negotiations to secure a fair, ambitious and binding deal for the climate this December," Leipold said.