Conservative talk radio host Glenn Beck said on Friday that the "tea party goers" and attendees of the 9/12 protest should receive the Nobel Peace Prize instead for stopping President Barack Obama's agenda.

The controversial Beck said that the protesters have already blocked Obama from accomplishing the goals for which the Nobel Committee awarded him the prize.

"The Nobel peace prize should be turned down by Barack Obama and should be given to the tea party goers and the 9/12 project," Beck said on his syndicated radio show today. "Because of the tea party goers and the 912 project people that stood in his way and stopped him from accomplishing from the things that he thought, 'Please I'm the messiah, I'll be able to accomplish that.'"

Beck cited a "global" progressive network as the main proponents of the decision to give Obama the prize.

"These progressives are extraordinarily powerful. This global campaign for Barack Obama is done by global interests that have extraordinary power," he said.

He said that Obama's supporters believed "that he would be able to accomplish everything two weeks into his presidency. they nominated him for it and said 'oh this is gonna be a slam dunk!'"

The Nobel Committee said Obama was being honored for his “extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples.” It gave him the award less than a year into his presidency.

Nominations for the award closed two weeks after his inauguration.