Audio has been released of an August DUI stop during which Republican congressional candidate Van Tran (Calif.) attempted to interfere with a field sobriety test involving his political protege.

Tran, who is challenging Rep. Loretta Sanchez (D-Calif.) next year, previously disputed the characterization of the events as interference.


"In attempting to get more information, the on-duty officer asked me to step back," Tran wrote in an August statement."With respect, I disagree with the claim that my attempting to talk with the sergeant and asking him a simple question was 'interfering' in any way."

Audio records of the incident were sent by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee via YouTube. Police previously released a transcript of the incident.

Westminster City Councilman Andy Quach crashed his car into an electric pole on Aug. 2, cutting power to 300 homes.

A rough transcript.

Officer:  Yeah, can I help you?
Tran: Yeah, I’m with Andy.
Officer:  Okay, well, you’ll have to let them do their job right now.
Tran:  I’m his lawyer.
Officer:  He’s doing a field sobriety test right now, okay?  Can I ask you to stand back over here?
Tran:  (unintelligible)
Officer:  Sir?  You’re going to need to back up a little bit, okay?
Tran:  (unintelligible)
Officer:  Right now.  Please back up.
Tran:  Okay.  How far do you want me…?
Officer:  I want you back by that car over there.
Tran:  (unintelligible)
Officer:  Sir, I’ve asked you to back up over there.
Tran:  I’m his lawyer!
Officer:  I don’t care who you are.  I understand that, you need to back up over here.
Tran:  I’m not interfering.
Officer:  You are interfering.  I’m going to warn you, a field sobriety test officer, it’s very obvious.
Tran:  (unintelligible)
Officer:  You need to stand over there.  If you come back over here again, I’m going to have you arrested.  I’m not going to stand by this car.
Tran:  (unintelligible)