It might be time for Chris Daggett to bust out the pink feather boa.

New polling shows the independent New Jersey Governor candidate is about where former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura (I) was at this point in his 1998 race, before the former pro wrestler's surge carried him to a tight win in a three-man contest.

The Rutgers/Eagleton poll, conducted Oct. 15-20, has Daggett at 20 percent -- his best showing yet.

By comparison, Ventura's initial bump in polling registered in a Minneapolis Star Tribune poll conducted Oc.t 15-18, which showed him at 21 percent.

Daggett appears to have a little steeper hill to climb, though, as the leader in his race, Gov. Jon Corzine (D), is at 39 percent -- a 19-point gap -- whereas Ventura trailed the leading candidate by 14.

Daggett's rise appears to be hurting Republican Chris Christie, who trails Corzine by three in the new poll. And if potential Daggett voters start to believe the independent can actually win, it could potentially drive more voters away from Christie.

Daggett has signed on a top aide to Ventura's shock-the-world win, Bill Hillsman.