As the fight for over the public option reaches a boiling point, a coalition of liberal groups is challenging Rahm Emanuel to step up White House lobbying efforts.

In a letter sent to Emanuel's office today, some of the most prominent liberal activist groups in the country are pressing the administration to take a stronger position on the most contentious plank of healthcare reform.


"We respectfully ask that the Office of the President take a stronger stand on a robust public option in order to enact true health care reform this year," says the letter, signed by representatives of, Campaign for America's Future, and NAACP.

The group asked for a meeting to discuss the issue with Emanuel.

Suggesting the president hasn't been responsive to his base, the authors urge the Obama to "heed the will of the people and the organized progressive grassroots and take a strong leadership position in support of a robust public option."

The letter comes at a critical time in the healthcare debate. House leaders are frantically counting votes for a public plan, and Majority Leader Harry Reid is weighing whether to add a public option to the healthcare bill he's crafting with Senate Democrat.