The White House will get more actively engaged in the healthcare fight "in due time," press secretary Robert Gibbs said today.

Liberals have expressed frustration that the White House isn't doing enough to push for a strong public option. Gibbs's comments may only fan the flames.


"I have not heard of any specific calls that the President has made, and obviously Senator Reid is working this through the caucus.  But I'm sure we'll get involved in due time," Gibbs told reporters today.

He added: "I mean, look, again, I think the President has been pretty involved in this, and as this works its way through we'll have more to do on it."

The White House shrugged aside reports yesterday that it favored a public option "triger" over the "opt-out" compromise that Reid choice to put in the final bill. That trigger was seen as more likely to garner the support of Sen. Olympia Snowe (R-Maine.)

Gibbs said questions about Snowe's possible support for a bill should be directed to players in the Senate.

"I don't know what the dynamics are.  I don't know what the vote count is in the Senate. That'd be a question, too, for Senator Reid," he said.