The only U.S. official known to have resigned in protest over the war in Afghanistan on Monday said "a lot" of people in the Obama administration agree with his point of view.

Matthew Hoh, a Foreign Service officer who worked in a province considered to be a Taliban stronghold in southern Afghanistan, said that many in the Obama administration concur with his assessment that many Afghans are fighting the Americans simply because troops there are taking sides in an internal "civil war."


"I know a lot of people within the administration agree with me," Hoh said on NBC's "Today" show. He added that his contact with the administration has "been very professional, very accepting," adding "there's been no ill will."

He added that he has received support for his positions largely from Afghan Americans and active duty military members.

Hoh's comments come at a time when President Barack Obama's war council is grappling with a decision to more troops to the war-torn nation and with a broader strategic review of the conflict there.

The ex-Marine's resignation in September was reported last week and was part of a triad of recent watermark events that could affect the outcome of the administration's deliberations.

Last week it was announced that October had been the deadliest month on record for U.S. troops in Afghanistan. In addition doubts about the central government persist after opposition presidential candidate Abdullah Abdullah said he would not participate in runoff elections against President Hamid Karzai.

Karzai, whose administration has been accused of corruption, in August won another term in an election that was plagued with fraud. The incumbent Karzai officially won another term after Abdullah dropped out from the runoff, but questions still remain about the viability of his administration. 

The White House has said the elections would significantly factor into their strategic review.