A day after Tim Pawlenty took a few shots at Olympia Snowe, RNC Chairman Michael Steele came to her defense.

Asked on Morning Joe whether there was room for the Maine centrist in the GOP, Steele responded "absolutely."

Welcome! Welcome! Because--you know why that's important? Because every footprint of this party is different from region to region, from county to county. I can't win in the northeast with someone who'd be a better candidate suited in the south....So the reality of it is I'm looking to find my candidates where they are. And I want to lift them up beause they represent those districts. So like New England, Olympia Snowe works there for her. She may not translate in South Carolina. She works in Maine.

Yesterday, Pawlenty warned Snowe that she was risking her spot in the GOP by possibly supporting healthcare reform. He also refused to say whether he was glad Snowe was a Republican.

Steele's comments come near the end of the video below: