Two last-minute supporters of the House healthcare reform bill boasted of the funds they had won for their districts Monday morning.

California Democratic Reps. Jim Costa and Dennis Cardoza touted new funding for projects and facilities in their districts coming as a result of the House's health legislation. 

Both of the lawmakers, who hadn't pledged their support for the bill — which ultimately passed — until shortly before the vote, released statements promoting their successes.


"During my negotiations to help improve the bill for our valley, I was able to achieve funding for a medical school in the valley, with studies at UC Merced and residency in Fresno, as well as additional incentives to bring health professionals to our valley," Costa said in a statement, reported by the California Business Journal. "Increased funding in this bill for programs ranging from nurse training to health career opportunity programs to community health centers and increased reimbursement rates for low-paying Medicaid will go a long way in strengthening our health system in the valley."

Cardoza said: "We do need to make parts of this bill better. I am concerned with the cost of the bill while our nation's debt continues to rise. I am also concerned with limiting the impact on small businesses. I have shared both of these concerns with the [Obama] administration."

The bill eked through the House with 220 votes in support, similar to the close vote on another top Democratic measure, the climate change cap-and-trade bill passed earlier this year.

During that vote, Rep. Marcy Kaptur (D-Ohio) managed to win a provision establishing a new federal power authority for Ohio and other parts of the Midwest.