Former Philadelphia Eagles offensive lineman Jon Runyan is considering a run for Congress against freshman Rep. John Adler (D-N.J.), according to a report.

According to a PolitickerNJ post, a GOP state lawmaker has attempted to convince Runyan to start a campaign that some believe would clear the field of candidates on the Republican side. The right tackle is not currently active on any team's roster but has not officially retired. He has not ruled out a run but it is unclear how serious he is considering the possibility.

A slew of New Jersey state lawmakers and other local figures are considering a run against Adler, a Blue Dog serving in a Republican leaning district. The southern New Jersey district is widely seen as a potential pickup for the Republicans in 2010.

Ocean County, which is in the district, produced a 70,000 vote plurality for governor-elect Chris Christie (R) in last week's gubernatorial elections.