John McCain has asked his former campaign aides not to speak out against the charges Sarah Palin levels in her book, NBC news reports.

This news comes after a number of former staffers anonymously blasted Palin's recount of the 2008 campaign.

"John McCain offered her the opportunity of a lifetime, and during the campaign it seems that, for all of her mistakes, she is searching for people to blame," an aide said last week. "We don't need to go through this again."

Even as NBC reported McCain's request, they included another swipe at her book from a former campaign aide.

"It is unrecognizable at every instance. There is not one truthful account as it relates to any conversation I ever had with her," the aide said.

Palin charges in the book that McCain's staff charged her $50,000 for the vetting process and that campaign manager Steve Schmidt tried to force her to see a nutritionist.

Anonymous campaign aides say that money was to fund her legal defense against ethics charges and the nutritionist was in response to concerns that she was losing too much weight.

Steve Schmidt has called the charges "complete fiction."