Rep. Bill Owens' (D-N.Y.) margin of victory over Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman has widened after additional absentee votes were counted, according to a report on Thursday.

The Watertown Daily Times is reporting that Hoffman now trails Owens by 3,105 votes with 3,072 absentee ballots left to be counted. Even if Hoffman were to win all the remaining ballots, he would still come up 33 votes short. 


With 58.6 percent of all absentees counted, the paper notes that Hoffman has gained 71 votes on Mr. Owens so far.

The conservative Gouverneur Times is reporting that Hoffman will contest the results.

Hoffman "unconceded" in the race after recanvassing showed the margin between Owens and him narrowed after the Owens was sworn in. Hoffman conceded on Nov. 3's Election Night after trailing by 5,335 votes with 93 percent of precincts reporting.

Hoffman came within 2,951 votes, but the Owens widened the margin after additional absentee ballots were counted.

Yesterday, the Conservative Party candidate accused the community group ACORN and union groups of stealing the election.