It's looking more and more like Houston Mayor Bill White (D) will switch from running for Senate to running for governor.

White's campaign said as late as last week that it was focused on running for Senate, but now the Houston Chronicle has two "reliable" sources saying he will make the switch. The news comes as a White-for-governor chorus has been building.

It would make sense, especially now that it's not certain when Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-Texas) will actually retire. Also, a top Democrat in the governor's race, businessman Tom Schieffer, is now getting out of the governor's race. That is often a sign that a bigger fish is getting in.

At this point, other outlets are citing "rumors" of White getting into the governor's race as part of Schieffer's motivation.

If White exits the Senate race, Democrats will be left with former state Comptroller John Sharp, who has raised solid funds for the expected special election, but has been somewhat overshadowed by White.

UPDATE 12:45 p.m.: A White campaign source says, "These are rumors and we'll have a statement after the Schieffer event."