The White House on Wednesday released its latest round of records showing visitors in August.

The White House updated its visitors' log to reflect the latest round of meetings between political figures, lobbyists, and other guests and President Barack Obama and other administration officials.

"Building upon last month’s historic release of nearly 500 White House visitor records, today the White House releases more than 1,600 records of visits to the White House in response to another month’s worth of requests," wrote Norm Eisen, special counsel to the president for ethics and government reform, on the official White House blog.

The Obama administration reached an agreement with ethics watchdogs earlier this year to release visitors' records, a move which the administration touted was an unprecedented step toward transparency and accountability.

Eisen wrote that many of the most frequent visitors are administration officials, while cautioning that some visitors may not be who viewers think they are.

"With an average of 100,000 White House access records created each month, many White House Visitors share the same name as celebrities," Eisen wrote. "In October, requests were submitted for the names of some notable figures (for example Michael Jordan and Michael Moore)."

"The famous individuals with those names never actually came to the White House, but we have included the individuals that did visit and share those names," he added.

The names were released earlier than the last Friday of the month because of the Thanksgiving holiday.