Gen. Stanley McChrystal told lawmakers that President Obama had engaged in a "thoughtful process" on Afghanistan and refused to criticize the president for delaying his decision to send more troops.

Rep. Tom Price (R-Ga.), who was in the briefing in Kabul, spilled the details to the Washington Post:

"He believed that the mission was accomplishable," Price said after meeting the general and other top U.S. officials in Kabul. Some of the lawmakers pressed McChrystal on Obama's lengthy decision-making, but the general described it as a "thoughtful process and wouldn't go any further," Price said. "I was a little surprised he didn't voice frustration with the delay."

McChrystal may testify about the president's decision before Congress authorizes funds for a possible troop increase. Of course, if he won't criticize the president in a closed-door briefing, he won't do so before a congressional committee either.