The couple who crahsed a White House state dinner are trying to cash in on the escapade by selling an interview to the highest bidder.

Tareq and Michaele Salahi, who are being considered for a reality show, have been asking for "mid-six figures" to talk to the media, according to the AP. A previously scheduled interview with Larry King Live has been postponed as the couple seeks a payday.

Reports of the couple cashing in is just the latest news portraying the Salahis as eager social climbers in the DC community. In an article about the Salahis seeking payment for interview, for example, The New York Times recounted Mrs. Salahi's sense of entitlement at an exclusive Georgetown salon, even after she failed to pay a $20,000 from services on her wedding day:

“She’d always call and want to come in, but always expected Erwin to comp her,” Mr. Packard-Gomez said, referring to his business partner at the salon.

Mr. Packard-Gomez said Mrs. Salahi called him just 20 hours before the state dinner to schedule an appointment. Mr. Packard-Gomez dropped everything, he said, even helping Mrs. Salahi arrange her now famous red sari. She mentioned having asked the White House if it was appropriate attire. But when he asked Mrs. Salahi to show him her White House invitation, he was startled that she could not produce it.