Dede Scozzafava, the Republican candidate in NY-23 who eventually dropped out after incurring the wrath of conservative acvists, says she would have fared pretty well on the so-called GOP "purity test."

"I would have been at seven out of 10 on the list," Scozzafava told CBS's Face the Nation.

She continued:

"If people looked at my record and understood how I felt about a lot of the federal issues, I think they could see that I was for lower taxes, lower government spending. I was not in favor of repeal of the 2003 tax cuts. I am not in favor of an estate tax. There were many things in that platform that I would be OK with."


"I would have been a no on cap and trade. I would have been a no on the health care bill as it's currently presented."

Scozzafava's support for the stimulus, card-check and same-sex marriage accounts for the three strikes against her.