Texas state Sen. Steve Ogden, who some Republicans hoped would run against Rep. Chet Edwards (D-Texas), will apparently run for reelection.

Ogden had signaled he would not seek another term in his current job, which had his party hoping he would run for Texas's dark-red 17th district. But now the campaign of a candidate for Ogden's seat is putting out word that Ogden has changed his mind and will seek another term.

Republicans have been unable to field a strong challenger to Edwards in recent years, allowing him to win reelection in a district that has gone heavily for Republicans in presidential elections. Edwards's district remains one of the most frustrating on the map for the GOP.

Among those currently running on the GOP side are 2008 nominee Rob Curnock, who fell to Edwards 53-46 last year despite running a meagerly funded campaign. No 2010 candidate for the seat has yet raised more than $75,000.