Americans should ask themselves who they trust more in the healthcare debate, Vice President Joe Biden urged Monday.

In a web video posted to the White House's website, Biden said Americans have more to trust in doctors and nurses (some of whose groups have endorsed health reform) than in groups who are opposing reform legislation before Congress.

"When it comes to explain what healthcare reform means to you, who do you trust?" BIden asked.

"Do you trust the defenders of the status quo, the people who say you'd be better off if you left things just the way they are?" the vice president said. "Or would you rather hear from the folks who actually know something about what's happening in our healthcare system because they work in it every day, doctors and nurses?"


The video features interviews with the president of the American Academy of Family Physicians and the president of the American Nurses Association, two groups which have endorsed reforms favored by President Barack Obama and Democrats in Congress.

The video represents the beginning of a pitched battle in Washington this week over health reform. That fight takes center stage in the Senate, where debate will begin over the upper chamber's own health reform bill.

The vice president said that Americans should trust those doctors and nurses' take on the need for reform above other groups' opinions.

"These are the people I trust, and I know you do, too," Biden said. "These are the folks who see it all."

"The status quo is simply unsustainable, but we're going to pass healthcare insurance reform," he added. "When it comes to something as important as your health, listen to the people you trust."

Watch the video below: