Tennessee state Sen. Jim Tracy looks to be emerging as the Republican Party favorite to face Rep. Bart Gordon (D-Tenn.).

Tracy is currently weighing his options, while former Rutherford County Republican Party Chairwoman Lou Ann Zelenik is already running. Tracy brings name recognition and political experience to the race, while Zelenik has the ability to self-fund part of her campaign.

The NRCC just sent around the following clip from the Associated Press talking about Tracy's deliberations:

Republican state Sen. Jim Tracy said he is "strongly considering" a challenge next year against U.S. Rep. Bart Gordon, who is one of several Democrats being targeted by the GOP in midterm elections.

Tracy is a Shelbyville insurance agent, former NCAA basketball referee and current chairman of the Senate Transportation Committee. He said in a phone interview earlier this week that he plans to make up his mind by the end of the holiday season.

"I am strongly considering it, there's no question about that," Tracy said. "I'm looking at it very closely and I've been honored and humbled by all the folks who've called me."