Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke on Thursday threw cold water on efforts to push a major new fiscal stimulus package.

At his confirmation hearing for a second term as chairman, Bernanke emphasized that the government has spent less than half of the money in the $787-billion package passed earlier this year and that analysts are still determining its impact.

"Only about 30 percent of the funds have been disbursed," Bernanke said. "It's a little bit early to make a strong judgment, a little bit early to decide whether or not to do additional fiscal actions."

President Barack Obama is holding a "jobs summit" to explore additional ways to bolster the economy. The 10.2 percent unemployment rate is the highest in a generation and many analysts expect the unemployment rate to average above 10 percent throughout next year.

House and Senate Democrats are exploring additional fiscal options, including infrastructure and transportation spending, extended unemployment benefits and more money for small bank loans.