Friday's unemployment numbers marked "the most hopeful sign yet" that the U.S. is on the road to economic recovery, a top White House economic adviser said.

Council of Economic Advisers Chairwoman Christina Romer celebrated the latest employment statistics, which showed 11,000 job losses in November -- a steep decline in the pace of job loss, allowing the unemployment rate to fall to 10 percent in the past month.

"Today's employment report was the most hopeful sign yet that the stabilization of financial markets and the recovery in economic growth may be leading to improvements in the labor market," Romer wrote in a blog post on the White House website. "It is by far the closest we have been to stable employment since the recession began almost two years ago."


The positive jobs figures come as President Barack Obama and his administration had faced skepticism, even from some fellow Democrats, over whether the economic stimulus package earlier this year had done enough to improve the U.S. employment situation.

To that end, congressional Democrats have been mulling additional measures, which could cost as much as $300 billion, to help create jobs.

Romer said that while the Obama administration believes more work needs to be done, the November numbers mark a clear positive trend for the economy.

"Despite the welcome decline, the unemployment rate remains unacceptably high," she said. "This underscores the need for the responsible actions to jumpstart private-sector job creation that the President highlighted at yesterday’s Forum on Jobs and Economic Growth at the White House."

"But, it is clear we are moving in the right direction," she added.