At one point during their three-hour negotiating session Sunday evening on the healthcare bill, Senate Democrats burst out into cheers.

The reason? They were watching the New York Giants-Dallas Cowboys football game.

The group of 10 Democrats were trying to hammer out a deal on a public insurance option after a rare weekend Senate session. The cheers came just before 7 p.m., when the Giants secured control of the NFC East tilt with a 74-yard touchdown run by Brandon Jacobs and a 79-yard punt return for a touchdown by Dominik Hixon.

A few minutes after the cheers, Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) emerged from the room, telling reporters waiting for news on the negotiations that he had an update.

"The Giants are winning," he said.

The Giants did win, 31-24.

When the group broke up around 7:30 p.m., reporters asked what the commotion was about.

"The cheers were about the Giants game, and the Chinese food, and the Saints game!" said Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-La.).

Landrieu's New Orleans Saints won earlier Sunday, beating the Washington Redskins in overtime, 33-30.