A spokesman for Nevada Lt. Gov. Brian Krolicki (R) says Krolicki has no plans to run for Senate even though a judge dismissed felony charges against him Monday.

Krolicki opened an exploratory committee to challenge Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) shortly after the 2008 election, but soon after he was charged with misappropriating millions of dollars in state money stemming from his time as state treasurer.

He was cleared of those charges Monday, but spokesman McKay Daniels said Krolicki won't be entering the Senate race. Krolicki annnounced in August that he would instead seek reelection, and he's sticking with that.

Krolicki has accused Democrats of political gamesmanship ever since the state attorney general's office brought the charges.

"The Democrats did their game, and we’re now a year behind for a U.S. Senate run," Daniels said. "He’s planning on running for reelection."

A serious of lesser-known candidates have emerged to take on Reid.