The Senate has just passed a $1.1 trillion omnibus spending measure, sending the bill to President Obama for a signature.

The measure includes $447 billion in appropriations for a number of cabinet departments, as well as $650 billion for Medicare and Medicaid.

The bill passed on a largely party line vote, 57-35. Three Democrats voted against the bill: Bayh (Ind.), McCaskill (Mo.) and Feingold. They were balanced out by the three Republicans who voted "yes": Collins (Maine), Shelby (Ala.) and Cochran (Miss.)

The House passed the omnibus bill last week. 

Republicans, especially John McCain, had decried the bill for containing 5,000 earmarks totalling almost $4 billion. Democrats pointed out that both parties had inserted pork projects.

The legislation comes close to finishing the annual appropriations process that, as usual, stretched months passed the Sept. 30 deadline. To keep the federal government running in the meantime, Congress had passed a "continuing resolution" to fund departments at the previous year's levels.

The only appropriations bill yet to be passed by Congress is for the Defense Department. Democrats hope to attach a number of controversial measures to that bill, including a $1.8 trillion increase in the debt ceiling.