Congressman Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) on Monday continued his onslaught against ACORN, urging the Obama administration to take the fight over its federal funding "all the way to the Supreme Court."

He also repeated his criticism of one judge's decision this weekend to cancel the federal fund ban on ACORN out of concerns about its constitutionality -- a move, Issa said, that was "activist" and unfounded.


“I’m calling on the Administration to make sure that this does go all the way to the Supreme Court that they vigorously defend what the president signed which was a recognition that ACORN was not fit to receive federal funds to perform duties on behalf of the American people," Issa told Fox News this morning.

Issa ranks as one of ACORN's fiercest critics, and he has spearheaded a number of efforts to strip it of its funds.

He and his Republican colleagues ultimately succeeded in their campaign in October, after a series of videos involving ACORN employees went viral on the Web.

But a number of ACORN advocates -- much less constitutional law experts -- noted quickly after Congress passed a bill that in part stripped ACORN of federal dollars that the action itself constituted a "bill of attainder" -- a legislative act prohibited by the constitution that singles a group out for punishment.

Judge Nina Gershon agreed this weekend, and she issued an injunction Saturday that in effect canceled the ban -- a move that immediately invoked Issa's ire.

"This left-wing activist Judge is setting a dangerous precedent that left-wing political organizations plagued by criminal accusations have a constitutional entitlement to taxpayer dollars," Issa this weekend.. "The Obama Administration should immediately move to appeal this injunction.”