Look for talk of a primary challenge for Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) to perk up again, with a new Quinnipiac poll showing her losing to New York City Comptroller Bill Thompson (D) 41-28.

Thompson pulled off a closer-than-expected loss to Mayor Michael Bloomberg (I) last month and is reportedly considering a Senate bid.

Numerous other potential primary challengers to Gillibrand have fizzled out, though, so it's tough to see Thompson making the leap against the wishes of the White House — unless, of course, he's sore about the lack of support he received during his mayoral campaign.

On the other hand, a 13-point lead is significant and is likely to make any candidate take a second look at the race. And Gillibrand's hard name recognition is actually higher than Thompson's, 41 percent to 35.

Talk of a Rudy Giuliani bid for Senate has died down, but the poll shows him holding his lead over Gillibrand, 50-40, and leading Thompson 52-36.

If Giuliani doesn't run, it looks like former Attorney General Michael Mukasey's son, Marc, will.

UPDATE: Siena is also out with a poll today, and it shows a different picture. In Siena's survey, Gillibrand leads Thompson 32-23. She still trails Giuliani, though, 49-42.