UPDATE 8:02 p.m.: Hightower has resigned, reportedly after he initially denied any connection to the MySpace page.

And Grayson is piling on.

“The views and behavior displayed by Rand Paul’s communications director have no place in this campaign," Grayson said. "I think Rand Paul’s judgment is seriously in question at this point."

A liberal blog in Kentucky has unearthed a series of potentially damaging writings and materials related to a spokesman for GOP Senate candidate Rand Paul.

Chris Hightower, who made news recently for promoting a video likening primary opponent Trey Grayson to Hitler, now has a new series of controversies attached to his name.

Among those reported by the blog:

-some very dark, Satanic lyrics from a heavy metal band Hightower sang for.

-a two-year-old post to his Myspace page, written by someone else, declaring "Happy N***** Day," around the time of Martin Luther King Day. The post also included a photo of a lynching.

-Hightower ranting against "Christian lies" (in a Kentucky Republican primary!)

-Hightower criticizing Southern Baptists on tape (in Kentucky!)

Many of the links have been taken down since being posted to the blog, but the screenshots are still available at the blog.

Paul's campaign has gained momentum and even a lead in some polling, but you don't really see a spokesperson for a major Senate campaign with this kind of a paper trail. It's proof positive of a not-so-by-the-book campaign, and that's probably to Rand Paul's detriment.

Another Ron Paul-like Senate candidate in Connecticut, Peter Schiff (R), has basically fallen off the map after refusing to compromise with consultants on how he runs his campaign.

And all of this is fair game for Grayson in the primary.

Hightower and Paul's campaign have yet to respond to a request for comment.

UPDATE 4:40 p.m.: Paul campaign manager David Adams says he is investigating.

"I've heard from several people who have looked at the blog post and am trying to find out what the truth is," Adams said. "I'm aware of and share your concerns and want to do what is right."