Arizona Sen. John McCain (R) gave his former competitor from the 2008 presidential election a tough review on Sunday morning as President Barack Obama nears completion of his first year in office.

"[Obama] said there would be a change in the climate in Washington," McCain said. "There's been a change. It's more partisan. It's more bitterly divided than it's been."


McCain, when prodded by host Chris Wallace on "Fox News Sunday," said that the administration "in some ways, of course" more partisan than the White House under President Bill Clinton.

"At least under 'Hillarycare' they tried seriously to negotiate with Republicans," McCain said.

"There's been -- there has been no effort that I know of that -- serious across-the-table negotiations, such as I have engaged in with Democrats and with other administrations. And that was the commitment that the president made."

The senator also criticized how Obama gave himself an B+ grade in talking with Oprah Winfrey, bumping himself up to an A- if healthcare reform goes through.

"Well, I would still give him an incomplete, because I still think we can win overtime on this healthcare issue," McCain said. "I think he has found out in Copenhagen in some rather bizarre scenarios that maybe it's more important to be respected than to be loved."