Report: MoveOn activist attacked at Paul-Conway debate

A liberal activist affiliated with the group MoveOn was reportedly attacked by Rand Paul supporters outside the Kentucky Senate debate Monday night between Paul (R) and Democrat Jack Conway. 

In video captured by Fox 41, a female activist named Lauren Valle, according to the Louisville Courier-Journal, who wearing a blonde wig, was seen outside the Lexington, Ky., debate as the candidates were arriving. The wig was then pulled off her
head and two men can be seen dragging the woman to the ground.

“Get the police out here! Get the cops,” an unidentified male voice can be heard saying.

One of the men who brought Valle, of Washington, D.C., to the ground can then be seen stomping twice on her head.

She claimed to be presenting Paul with an “employee of the month” award from “RepubliCorp,” symbolizing what says is the “merger” between the GOP and corporate America.

Police questioned Valle about the incident, according to Fox 41. 

The Paul-Conway race has been one of the most contentious of this midterm cycle. Conway recently released an ad accusing Paul of belonging to a secret society in college “that called the Holy Bible ‘a hoax’, that was banned for mocking Christianity and Christ.”

Paul refused to shake hands with Conway after their last debate.

“Jack, have you no decency? Have you no shame?” Paul asked.

WATCH here.

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