Several North Dakota Democrats are urging MSNBC host Ed Schultz to run for soon-to-retire Sen. Byron Dorgan's (D-N.D.) Senate seat in 2010.

The liberal talker said on air this morning that Merle Boucher, minority leader of the North Dakota House of Representatives, officially asked him last night to run for the seat being vacated by Dorgan during the year's midterm elections.

"I asked him point blank if this was an official ask," Schultz said. Boucher said it was.

Schultz indicated he was leaning against a run but wouldn't rule it out.

"I'm flattered. I'm honored. I can't say I'm even considering it right now," he said. "I'm in a different place right now. So we're a long way from any consideration. We're a long way from any decision."

Dorgan's unexpected retirement left Democrats scrambling to find a suitable candidate. Rep. Earl Pomeroy (D-N.D), who already runs a statewide race every two years, has been mentioned by many analysts as Democrats' strongest choice.

Schultz, a native Virginian, worked as a sportscaster and news host in North Dakota for about two decades.

If Gov. John Hoeven (R) jumps in the race, Democrats will have a hard time holding the seat, regardless of their candidate.