MSNBC host Ed Schultz said Wednesday he is not considering running for North Dakota's open Senate seat, but he didn't rule out a run.

"I'm in a different place than politics right now. We're a long way from any consideration," Schultz said during his show this evening. "And we're a long way from any kind of decision."

Schultz said that Sen. Byron Dorgan (D-N.D.) had contacted him after Dorgan announced he'd retire after the veteran senator's term expires early next year. Schultz said Dorgan had asked how old he is, and that the phone call with Dorgan had been followed up with contacts in the North Dakota Democratic Party on Wednesday morning to discuss a potential candidacy.


Schultz is a veteran broadcaster who hails originally from North Dakota, and started his career there.

His program on MSNBC, "The Ed Show," debuted in April of 2009, where Schultz typically sounds a populist-liberal tone with guests. Some Democrats hope that his candidacy would fend off what's expected to be a tough-to-beat campaign from N.D. Gov. John Hoeven (R), who's expected to get in the race.

"A guy like Ed could make it pretty interesting," Democratic National Committee Chairman Tim Kaine noted during an appearance on MSNBC earlier today.

Schultz said he'd "invested a lot of time and a lot of years" in cultivating his career as a broadcaster, seeming reluctant to give up his platform on MSNBC.

But Schultz noted that no candidates have officially declared in the race and said, "At this point, I'm not even considering."